Monday, 14 December 2015

I stare at this blank page
and start to gauge
at how much I have
to pour out what I already gave.

This is not characteristic of me,
yet I'm doing this for thee
so that you will know
the blue-faced me said hello.

Let me know
if thee would show
thy face as blue
to give me a clue.

Friday, 2 September 2011

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Friday, 3 June 2011

Planetshakers // FREE!

You healed me, You made me see
You set me free

You give me, all that I need
You give me, life abundantly
You set me free

All I wanna do
Is praise You
'Cause You have set me free

You're my saviour
You have set me free forever
It is by Your grace and power
That You have set me free
[ Lyrics from: ]
You are the way
I will live for You all my days
Never will I hold back my praise
'Cause You have set me free
There's freedom in the Name of Jesus
Freedom from all shame
There's freedom in the Name of Jesus
Freedom from all pain

There's freedom in the Name of Jesus
Freedom from all sin
There's freedom in the Name of Jesus
There's freedom in the Name of Jesus

Thank you Dear Lord for loving me despite who I am and what I do, dying on the cross and taking away all my sins, and that I can be with you forever. =)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

All I want is you ~ Planetshakers.

I’ve waited all my life to be here face to face.
I never knew that I could feel this kind of grace.
The way You show me that Your blood has washed me clean,
Could never be erased; it lives inside of me.

Take me to that secret place,
Where I can only see Your Face,
And nothing else will ever feel this way.
You take away my guilty stains,
The things I’ve done that I can’t change,
It’s only by the Power of Your name.

I stand here in this place,
See the Glory on Your Face,
Taken by the wonder of Your name.
I’m desperate for Your touch,
Never needed it so much,
Cause all I want is You.

When all the things around me have fallen to the ground
I’m always thankful for the love in You I’ve found.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Have you ever thought what crime really is? Most of us, the general public, would think crime as actions which cause harm to others, like murder, rape and theft. But surprisingly, crime is defined as actions which contravene the laws established by a political authority. This scares me that it is possible that crimes are crimes only when the laws say so. So if there happens to be an immorally sound government around to decide what crimes are, lets say, Hitler's government stated that hiding a Jew from being killed is a crime, I would think this definition above of crime would be wrong. A crime to me is an action done that is immoral and harmful to the individual, others and humanity. So, some actions may not contravene the laws of a certain government but what if they are immoral and harmful? Are they not considered crimes? I doubt the above definition of crime.

And why is suicide in general, not talking about sacrificing or putting your life in danger just so to save another live, classified as a crime in some countries considering that the individual is only harming himself? Or is that really the case? Have you ever thought of the impact of your death if you were to commit suicide? Not considering your individual faiths that defines it to be immoral, but hurting your family members, friends, slowing down the industries are such consequences of your death. Even if you do not have family members, friends and a job to miss you, and even if you are a hindrance to the society, you still have the potential of helping the society. Removing yourself from the face of the earth could be a negative impact, no matter how small, on the society. Apart from this, we as humans, should have a moral sense of value. What do I mean by this? We should not give up easily despite many setbacks, and even if we do, we should pick ourselves up, because this would be morally sound to do so, simply as that. Just a little thought, would being lazy in school and not doing our best in education, work and everything else in life, thus leading to us not being able to survive, actually be a slow way of committing suicide then? So in any case, we all know that not doing homework is actually a crime then, strictly speaking!

And why is drug consumption and prostitution legal in some countries? The governments legalize them so as to keep them in check, and possibly lower the total rate of crimes. However, these drug consumption and prostitution are immoral, so is the total rate of immoral actions really going down, or going up? True, in some cases, the government is able to control these "crimes" and lower the crime rate.

However, does committing a crime mean that you are a criminal then? Apparently, only if you have actually reached the stage of getting a court sentence, you are indeed a criminal. One is innocent until proven guilty. But if one does not get caught for doing a crime, he would not be considered one. Can you imagine that!?

And there are many reasons why people commit crimes even though many know the consequences. Some commit crimes due to circumstances in their families, like their family member(s) is sick and they desperately need money to pay for the medical bills, or because they come from a broken family and have no one to turn to, thus turning to gangs, or because they've become influenced by their parents who are bad role models. All these may seem dramatic, yet this is evident in many countries. People can also commit crimes under the influence of drugs, alcohol, media, peer pressure, depression, passion and even due to their genes as some researchers believe. Nobody was born evil, they were either influenced and led astray, and not properly guided. Just take a look at Hitler, if people accepted him as an artist, perhaps there wouldn't be a WWII. But ultimately, it is mostly ourselves who make the decision whether to commit crimes or not, not depending on external factors unless you are physically or mentally disabled.

So yeah! This is all about crime that I know. (Pretty lousy way to end this, but I don't know how, and want to end this. Lol. Haha)


Getting down to business!

Right, guess I just got influenced by my brother. He writes about GP (General Paper) stuff in his Blog, and this sorts of makes me think this is actually a wonderful idea! Why? I learn to express myself in a more manageable and feasible way. Instead of using the paper to write, I suppose writing on a Blog could prove to be more time efficient and allows me to express my thoughts in a seemingly unconfined way; unlike using the the traditional paper to pen down my thoughts. Although I would probably not be writing long essays here, I hope to write short paragraphs of critical thinking, wouldn't that be great!? Of course, this has a few disadvantages. Ironically, while this helps me to save time, it may not help me to manage my time more efficiently when I'm faced with the real thing. And being on the Internet could lead me astray into unnecessary websites like Facebook. Well, to the followers out there, if any of you guys still read my very un-updated Blog, I'm sorry to disappoint you with maybe, boring topics or topics which do not interest you. However, you are most welcomed to comment on my writings here so as to improve my GP. As you can see, I'm taking A levels GP exam next year. So I got to train up, and so states my title. =) Hope this will continue long-term as I've long given up on writing quotes. Sigh. Yes, I'm not a really disciplined person. But my God is! =)

Right, back to reading my brother's Blog! He's a GOOD writer! Got to learn from him, I say!

Friday, 28 January 2011

If the world was perfect, you could not belong.

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